About Us

Things that we find important

Before you delve into our website for more information we would like you to take a moment to get to know about our company. Our approach to the work that we do and the values we hold should convince you that we are the right people for you.

Business led approach to building solutions

At Nesscomp our approach is to make sure that every solution we propose to you is founded on a solid understanding of your business and will add value to your enterprise.

It is not enough for an IT solutions provider to be solely an expert in modern technologies (Java, XML, Messaging, etc.). In order to provide you with an effective business solution we must be able to link our technical expertise with in-depth knowledge and understanding of your company’s specific business, including an understanding of strategic objectives and operational details.

Without this knowledge of your business the proposed solution may be a hit-and-miss combination of good and bad features. Some of these features may add value to the business (e.g. reduce cost) while others may be of little or no value at all. A web site characterised by bright colours and flashy graphics may win artistic awards but may comprehensively underachieve in terms of cutting your costs or generating additional revenues for your organisation.

We always make it our business to understand your business.

Our values

In doing business with you we fundamentally believe in:

Customer Service

We aim to provide a high level of satisfaction and quality throughout our relationship with you. We monitor the effectiveness of our goals by encouraging open feedback.


Ethical integrity is paramount at Nesscomp; we don’t take on business because we need it but because we believe we can deliver a quality solution within an agreed time frame. We will attempt not to make promises that we can’t keep, make the complex sound simple or say we have done something before, when we haven’t.


We are honest and open in all aspects of our business. This extends to our customers, employees, partners, associates and suppliers. You are always free to speak your mind at Nesscomp however uncomfortable it might be.

How do we work

We make every effort to gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs before attempting to offer solutions.

When your enquiry (a call, an email, Request For Information or Invitation To Tender) reaches us there are three main aspects we tackle first:

  • Are we the right company to do the project?
  • Can we deliver it technically and operationally?
  • Can we deliver the required level of quality within the given timeframe?

If our conclusion to each of these is Yes we are confident of delivering a professional and quality service.

We take the view that every business is different and requires a different solution to its problems. To be able to operate within this paradigm we will endeavour to:

  • Understand your specific business problems and needs
  • Identify and design a business solution
  • Implement and deploy the resulting technology solution

We can handle all the steps of a typical project life cycle, from identification of the requirements to delivery and maintenance of the solution.

If some of the requirements are outside our scope of expertise we will involve a partner company to provide the required skills and experience.

History and corporate information

Nesscomp is a privately owned limited company.

Since it was founded in 1988 Nesscomp has been building IT solutions for businesses. We started in the manufacturing sector building automated process control lines.

We then expanded our portfolio by building custom business applications for various vertical industries (manufacturing, travel, sports and gaming).

In 1997 we added business consultancy to our services as a key element of our portfolio. This allowed us to take a more business led approach to delivering solutions.

In 1998 we adopted the web as our core technology, focus and the foundation of delivered solutions.

In 2000 we started specialising in building solutions based on the BPMS concept and technology.