Nesscomp has been building business and IT solutions since 1988. We managed to build a number of successful systems for different vertical industries. This gave us vast experience in delivering complete solutions: from business requirements to a working application.

Examples of projects

Here are a few examples of solutions that we have delivered over the years. Our track record shows that we are capable of building solutions for diverse industries and organisations of different scales.

Management Consultancy in the financial sector

  • Design and development of a web based, distributed document management system that facilitates knowledge sharing between consultants working across many remote sites.

Dot-Com start-up

  • Design and development of a medical database solution for a consumer medical web portal.
  • Design and development of tools for importing and managing licensed content from Gold Class publishers.

Major airline

  • Facilitating the business process improvement initiative. The initiative focused on structure and efficiency of existing business processes.
  • Validation of existing business processes in Operations against the functionality of the new Crew Planning and Tracking system. The project helped to identify parts of business processes not covered by the new system.
  • Development of a flight booking forecasting system.
  • Design and development of a automated cabin crew allocation system
  • Advising the airline’s management on issues relating to effectiveness and quality of Crew Planning business processes. Our involvement helped to improve the efficiency of crew allocation in a way acceptable to all stakeholders within the airline.

CAMS system vendor

  • Adaptation of a Computerised Asset Maintenance System (CAMS) for the Polish Power Sector market needs.

CAMS systems distributor (Poland)

  • Implementation of the Computerised Assets Maintenance System in the Polish Power Sector. The new system lead to major improvements in efficiency of business processes, reduction in inventory levels and increased availability of equipment.

Sports Analysis and Gaming Sector Company

  • Design and development of a Horse Racing Performance Analysis system.

Horse racing syndicate

  • Syndicate’s website

Process automation system house

  • Joint development of an automated control system for HJ Heinz baked beans production process.
  • Joint development of an automated control system for the soft drinks production process at Coca Cola & Schweppes.

Major food manufacturing company

  • Development of an automated control and data acquisition system for instant tea manufacturing process.

Industrial gases manufacturing company

  • Development of a computerised management system for fuel distribution.