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Minimise risks of attacks, reduce their consequences, restore your systems and data quickly


Prevent, Protect and Respond

Our Cyber Security Services have been split into three areas. Explore them by selecting from this list.

Assess, plan and prepare

Deploy protections

Respond and recover

Service: assess your readiness, plan and prepare


Mitigate risks – assess, plan and prepare

Running regular penetration testing is one of the key cyber security services. It will give you the confidence that you have taken the right steps to manage your security risk. We can help you test existing infrastructure, applications and external facing systems including websites, SaaS, etc. The outcome would be a full set of recommendations and meaningful remediation actions.

Our personnel can assist with assessing your preparation against industry-standard frameworks like NCSC Cyber Essentials or CIS Critical Security Controls. Carrying out a truthful and objective self-assessment is fundamental in determining the actual security position of your company. We can make this process short and reliable.

In support of your internal IT resources or independently, we can provide meaningful advice in all cyber security matters. As a result,  your understanding of the risks would increase, helping to mitigate them.

Verify readiness - conduct penetration tests and fix vulnerabilities.

Assess against gold standard frameworks - NCSC Cyber Essentials, CIS Security Controls, Guides for Charities and SMBs.

Create an up-to-date inventory of endpoints, including their users, software and vulnerabilities.

Implement Data Protection and Cyber Security Policies

Obtain professional advice and help.

Protect information, prevent data loss, retain your reputation.

Service: protect against attacks


Deploy protections

Cyber Security protections have many dimensions. They start with preventative measures like securing the network (firewalls and routers). Followed by controlling user access to information (Active Directory, Office 365), and ensuring that credentials can’t be intercepted.

All devices must run up-to-date antivirus and anti-ransomware software. Their software (and not just the operating system) must be updated. This applies to all office computers and also to laptops, tablets and phones. In addition, any BYOD devices should be connected to a separate network.

In case your system is ever compromised, you need to maintain current backups of data and systems. Moreover, information taken outside your offices (USB sticks, laptops) should be fully encrypted.

Maintaining cyber security hygiene among employees counts as one of the most effective ways of protecting. Only well-trained and following best-practice workers will minimise the risk of effective security breaches.

Security-tighten your systems (on-premise, Office 365).

Protect end-points, personal devices and beyond.

Protect against ransomware, spear-phishing and malware.

Encrypt and backup personal data and information.

Maintain cyber security hygiene among employees.

Service: respond to incidents and recover


Respond and recover

Disaster can strike despite all the preparations. In such a case, we can assist you with rapidly restoring your operations to their full capacity.

We can help you triage and identify the scope and extent of the attack. Equally important will be guiding you through each step of your response plan across technical and non-technical strands. And if you do not have a response plan, we will steer you through a myriad of required steps.

A cyber-attack is rarely a short event. Thanks to swift and appropriate action you may discover anomalies at an early stage. Consequently, you may evict the attacker stopping more serious damage to occur.

Our staff possesses many years of experience in designing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Thanks to this, we can help perform a complete clean-up and recovery operation. We can do it ourselves or supply additional human and technical resources to support your own team.

Providing rapid incident response capability will limit your cost and reputational damage.

Assistance during and after the attack.

Guidance you through your response across technical and non-technical strands.

Conducting a comprehensive clean-up operation and data recovery.

Providing additional human and technical resources.

Help to limit cost and reputational damage.

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