Servers & Infrastructure

File servers and networks foster employee collaboration, provide secure access to information, allow easy back up of all company’s data. Cost of server technology has been recently drastically reduced, so even the smallest of companies can enjoy the benefits.


A server sits at the heart of every network, so it’s vital to ensure that yours is reliable and efficient. Connecting all network devices and managing applications, files, internet access, printers, faxes and other resources between desktop computers, it’s almost impossible to run a business IT system without one.

Nesscomp can make sure that your server is properly linked to the network, secured against intruders and has good internet service, as part of our service for small and medium businesses.

We can install, configure, upgrade, maintain, diagnose, audit, troubleshoot and repair all types of Windows servers. As a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Nesscomp specialises in servers based on Windows operating systems.

Your business would benefit from having its own server if you’re currently experiencing the following problems:

  • Files are scattered across different computers, wasting time as staff search for information or repeatedly copy documents from one computer to another.
  • Your IT system suffers from viruses, junk mail, data loss and theft as your company’s resources are not properly secured with restricted access to confidential and sensitive files.
  • The system won’t support flexible working, such as home-working for staff or centralising key business databases like diaries, customer accounts or orders.
  • You need to buy additional office and IT equipment such as faxes and printers as you employ new people.

Installing a server allows staff to coordinate work, share data and equipment, manage contacts, use VoIP services and safely store files.

Nesscomp offers the Windows Small Business Server (SBS) operating system, an all-in-one package solution for up to 75 employees. Designed to work with Microsoft technology and software, it can also be used with other servers as your business expands, to enable the following tasks.

Nesscomp is a certified Dell reseller. We chose Dell for great variety and quality of their products, in addition their unparallel technical support. We can procure for you Dell servers at very competitive prices.



An efficient network system is essential for even small businesses, allowing companies to link personal computers so staff can share applications, databases, files, documents, internet connections and peripherals such as printers, telecommunication or multimedia devices.

Nesscomp can provide the high-quality hardware needed to set up a network, as well as ensuring its security and installing a reliable operating system, managing the entire process from initial advice and configuration to maintenance, upgrades and repair. We can also extend it as necessary as your business grows.

We use both wired and wireless technologies as required, and can service all network hardware components such as network cards, switches, routers and print servers. And we take the issue of security extremely seriously, so any network is secured with a hardware or software firewall, to control information passed between your company and the internet, as well as preventing unauthorised access.

We’re happy to talk to businesses about their individual requirements, but we also specialise in setting up and servicing the following types of company network:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) – connecting computers and devices in a limited area such as office, commercial premises, shop, storage or school. Today, a local area network is the most popular IT system solution for companies with as few as two to three desktop computers.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – linking various company sites, such as a head office with subsidiaries, production sites, agencies and shops. A virtual private network (VPN) uses the Internet to enable remote offices or employees working outside the main company site to have secure access to the network.
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