Managed Support

Like every piece of machinery, IT equipment and software require continuous attention. Pro-actively maintain your IT assets through our support packages and you will enjoy a peace of mind and an uninterrupted operation. And in case of an emergency (a virus outbreak, hard disk crash) we can offer rapid assistance.

Our IT Support and Maintenance service has been specifically designed for business with no internal IT department or help. We offer professional advice and can deliver a strategic plan specifically designed for your company.

In an emergency we can be relied upon to provide first class Help Desk support. We do this either remotely or at your premises depending on the nature of the problem. We also offer preventative maintenance and ongoing PCs, servers and network monitoring so that failures are eliminated as much as possible and your company is not subjected to any major disruption.

We act as first and second line Support. Our Help Desk facility provides telephone support and call management. Remotely we can diagnose and resolve issues without fuss. We also offer monitoring and health-checks at pre-agreed frequency.

Please feel free to contact us. Whether you have a specific requirement for our services or you would like to find out more on any topic discussed on this website, we will be very happy to discuss the matter. For a swift response, please call us on +44 20 8434 3605, or press a button below to send an enquiry. Enquiry form