Secure Mobile Working

Business flexibility nowadays requires that more and more employees work from remote locations (home, remote office, hotel). To be effective they need full access to all office resources, delivered in a secure manner. Nesscomp has developed expertise in ensuring just that.

Remote Access to Files

Access to files and your office systems while on the move is critical.

VPN, Auth Anvil, RDP, Terminal Services

Encription of mobile devices

In 2007 HMRC lost CDs containing details of 25,000,000 members of the public. This data included names, addresses, dates of birth and personal bank details. There were other, more recent instances of such losses.

Whether you are a government department or small company data protection is essential and obligatory. You may also be forced to adopt extreme data security if your company or your clients work with data of a very sensitive nature.

Nesscomp commands a range of products and technologies which are designed to protect data on the move. They include:

  • Laptops content encription

Intergration of smart phones

Blackberry Enterprise Server

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